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i am a bad girl daddy


i am a bad girl daddy

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Here’s a holiday pic :) Miss it already!

Here’s a holiday pic :) Miss it already!

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It’s been a while since I had a kinky dream but last night I had one. It was short. Probably tame in comparison to a number of things out there but I could remember being tied up in my pink rope; a man tying me and with his last tug, he gently pulled my head back and kissed me. He was so firm yet gentle. I want to say it’s the man I’m seeing right now, but I only saw his blonde stubble. Maybe it was Thor! That’s all I remember and the thought has been with me all day!

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Q: You are the cutest lil girl in the world :)

*blush* thank you! So sweet of you to say xox

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Q: Simply stunning miss

Why thank you Mr!

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Buumbuuum :3

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